Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes | Review

I enjoy painting my nails, but I hate removing nail polish. It’s tedious, and I hate the smell of nail polish remover and the way it dries out my nails and finger tips. Luckily I’ve found a product that makes the experience much more tolerable. Last Christmas, I bought a $10 Josie Maran set at Sephora as a gift and ended up keeping it for myself. Half of the two part set was the Bear Naked Nail Wipes – a totally different type of polish remover.
Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail WipesDescribed as a 3 in 1 product, these nail wipes remove polish and nourish nails at the same time. Formulated with Argan oil, and without acetone, they are unlike any polish remover I’ve used. There is no awful smell and it feels like I’m removing the polish with oil. When I’m done, my nails look and feel hydrated rather than dry. The wipes are easy to use with no danger of spills. I don’t use these to remove glitter, but when it comes to regular nail polish, the Bear Naked Nail Wipes do the trick. One wipe usually takes care of both hands.

They are called Bear Naked because a portion of sales go to the Polar Bear SOS Initiative of the NRDC, which makes these wipes even better. Mine are the natural lavender scent, which I think has been discontinued, but you can find the grapefruit scent at Sephora. I haven’t tried the grapefruit, but the lavender is not very strong at all, so if scents bother you, these shouldn’t be a problem.

Have you tried the Bear Naked Nail Wipes? What did you think?


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