AG Firewall and Argan Shine Flat Iron Spray | Review

My hair didn’t really get curly until I was around 13, and by that point I had already established myself in my head as a straight haired individual. I’ve tried on many occasions to rock my curls, but it never looks right, and most importantly, it never feels right. It’s also more trouble to fix and maintain. So from my early teens onward, I’ve been a regular flat iron user.

When I first started straightening my hair, I didn’t use any heat protection. I didn’t know I was supposed to, or even that such a thing existed. I soon learned the ropes of hair straightening and became a religious user of heat protection sprays. I started with a salon brand that my stylist used. It had a fairly even spray and didn’t make my hair wet, but it was a little sticky and could easily turn into a greasy mess if I applied too much in one area. It also left a residue on my flat iron. I switched to drugstore brands (mainly Tresseme and Pantene) for years, but was never happy with the concentrated spray and the fact that they made my hair quite wet. I switched again to the Agadir Argan oil spray that isn’t only a heat protector, but works well as one. (See my review here). I really enjoyed this spray, but when I ran out (it lasts a really long time) I felt like trying something new.
AG FirewallI found AG Firewall Argan Shine and Flat Iron Spray and I haven’t looked back. It isn’t sticky, it isn’t wet, it isn’t oily, it adds shine, protects my hair, and it’s even cruelty free. It is by far the best heat protector spray I’ve used. I’m now on my second bottle. The first one lasted months. Although it is a bit pricey compared to drugstore brands, the quality is well worth it to me. I purchased mine at Ulta for $24.00
I divide my hair into two sections, left and right, and spray each section concentrating on the ends. Then I gather the top layer of hair towards the back of my head and spray a bit more, again concentrating on the ends. The spray is wide and fine, so it doesn’t take much to cover a large area. No dry time required. I go right in with my flat iron and in about 15 minutes, I have straight hair!
If you’re in the market for a good flat iron spray I highly, highly recommend AG Firewall.

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