Review | Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara


Cover Girl Clump Crusher

I’ve been meaning to write a review of the Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara for ages, but I just never got around to it. By this point, I’ve just about run out, so I feel like at least now my review will be made after lots of use. I’m going to break this down into pros and cons.


It really doesn’t clump, either on the brush or on the lashes. Once I got towards the end of the tube I did notice a few…not really clumps, but I guess I’ll call them that for lack of a better word. They were no trouble though. No complaints there.

The brush is shaped really well, slightly curved and it fits my eye shape nicely. I found that I was able to get to my lashes easily without making a mess (I do tend to get mascara on my eyelids a bit too often).


It flaked. That was really the only negative thing about it for me, but it’s a big one. After just a few hours I would look in the mirror and see little black dots under my eyes and on my cheeks. And that’s really the only reason I decided not to repurchase it. (That and I always like to try new mascaras!)

I had every intention of posting a photo with the mascara on, but unfortunately I just never took one. But it looked nice!

If you’ve tried the Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara, leave me a comment and tell me what you thought!


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